With a new MP, what chance change?

The new MP for Skye Ian Blackford.

The new MP for Skye Ian Blackford.

Well we have a new member of parliament, will this new MP come on board and increase the visibility of the campaign for the air link to Skye. I have to say that given the past SNP stance on Ashaig, it would seem unlikely that he will deliver any more than token support. But it would be reasonable to ask him the question, you never know there could be an unequivocal maybe. You can’t be elected if you know what Yes or No means, I’m sure you’ve seen politicians being interviewed. Still I suppose that there is a chance that the change in political climate in the area may make a difference. The only thing that you can be sure of with politicians, is that you can’t be sure of them.

Over the last month there has been some movements at Ashaig, with Skye Seaplanes having been in at least once and an air ambulance movement – and the locally based Icarus having made a couple of flights. Today there were two RAF Griffins that made low passes, but the crews carried on to Plockton. Where they parked up for lunch, before returning to Prestwick.

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