The Student Design.

The Ashaig Air Strip.

The Ashaig Air Strip.

I have watched the campaign for the improvement of the facilities and the introduction of a regular service to Ashaig with some interest. Here are the drawings as done by the Inverness Students, the designs are not out of keeping with the traditional styles used around the island.

I’ve included a screen grab of the three images that I found online, they cover just some of the core infrastructure of the airfield. And I must say that I think them to be quite pleasing and easy on the eye, having obviously been created with consideration for context and location.

The suggestion is a 900 sqm terminal building, along with the hanger – which seems to be around 600 sqm. With the other improvements that will be require, it would seem that the cost will be pretty significant. It is unlikely that we will see the upgrade in the short term, but it may be on the cards for the future. Only time will tell on that front, at the moment there may be sufficient business to support a sight seeing flight for the tourist traffic. But longer term supporting scheduled services may be a bit more challenging.

The survey results are now pretty well known, at the time of the survey there was demand for the service. But the requirements can change quite a lot in five years, it might be worth an other push just to see how much things have changed.

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  1. Morag says:

    If there were flights from Glasgow to Skye I could visit my parents on Raasay on a regular basis. I have been once in 5 years and that journey started at 05:10 and I arrived at Sconser at 13:00 just in time for the Ferry to Raasay. 8 hours to travel 200miles yet I can be in London in an hour, this is just wrong.
    I believe transport is a devolved issue so come on SNP get your finger out.

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