The Long and busy road to Glasgow.

Look how handy Skye is for every where else.

Look how handy Skye is for every where else.

 Yet an other month has passed, the only commercial traffic at the local airstrip is still provided by Skye Seaplanes. It would seem that this will be the way of things for the foreseeable future, with no more real news on the service front.

It is not surprising that there is no more news, the whole area seems to be off the radar as far as the Scottish Government goes. Even although there were the massive gains made by the SNP, there doesn’t seem to be any incentive for them to push for a PSO for the local area.

But then we have only a limited volume of local comment on the lack of an air facility in the area. This is likely to always come back to the lack of infrastructure and vociferous local support, where there is a short term gain or a financial gain for local interests it can be accomplished even if it takes a bit of time. The SKAT campaign was a good example, but without a more obvious incentive for the local populace it is unlikely that there will be any significant progress on the air service front in the short term.

I recently read an article about business flying around the Great Lakes area in North America, where the businessman and pilot maintained that the level of service from the smaller airfield operator was much higher and more professional than those provided by mainstream commercial airport operations. I wonder what he would make of our local strip, the local council is allowing it to fall into a more dilapidated state than it should be.

During the good weather last week I watched a number of movement at the Plockton air strip, with the Plocktom Hotel benefiting from at least two bookings of around a dozen or so people.

So I guess that for the rest of the year it will be the long and busy road to Glasgow, well for those of us who would like to travel that far.

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