Still no real news for Skye Air Services.

The Ashaig Air Strip.

The Ashaig Air Strip.

Well from what I can see there is still no real news on the Ashaig front, I’ve been past the strip many times since the last post. But there has been precious little activity on the flying front and even less on the development front, so I’m going to guess that there wont be any significant progress in 2014 either. There is quite a lot of interest in the re-establishment of an air service to the central belt, but it does seem to be mostly verbal support. So for the moment we don’t have an air service to any where, the strip at Plockton is used much more – even although it’s 170m shorter. It does have the advantage of some local facilities, you can even walk from there to the village in around 15 minutes.

Given the location of Ashaig it would seem likely that the money for the expansion is likely to have to come from a private source, I’d think that the exposure to political risk would prove to be more than the council would tolerate in the current climate.

Still a run past the airstrip today show’s that there is still a chance, there was a new floated Cessna Caravan sitting on the strip waiting for business. I’m sure that they’ll get some passing trade, but it would be better if they had more presence than just a sign at the top of the approach road to the airstrip. I’ll post the photographs when I get the chance.

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