Oh look a plane!

So driving past Ashaig on Wednesday the 11th of March, this nice little Ikarus C42 was sitting on the pan. Nice little addition to the local airstrip, even if it was only evident for the day. Bringing general aviation to the strip is a start, more use is likely to lead to more improvements to the infrastructure. Unfortunately the strip at Ashaig has been allowed to deteriorate to it’s current condition, but as long as people use the strip there is at least a possibility of it being considered for an upgrade to something better.

This year Oban managed 3000 scheduled passengers, in addition there was a significant number of general aviation movements. Shows what can be done when the infrastructure is put in place, along with a 1250m runway as well. After the Argyll & Bute investment in the airstrip, it can really be considered a small regional airport now.

What will this year bring for Ashaig, I wish that I knew – I’m pretty sure that it won’t bring any real investment. It may bring more general aviation traffic, but that is so much more dependent on the weather than anything else. The runway length, it’s orientation and the lack of facilities and transport links preclude significant traffic. So I guess that there is just the hope that someone will take pity on the people of the area and decide to do them a favour.

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