New use for Ashaig – maybe!

Ashaig/Broadford air strip.

The Ashaig Air Strip.

Marine Harvest are about to start construction of a fish meal plant in the old Allt Anavig quarry at Kyleakin, having listened to local concerns the workers camp will probably not be in the village of Kyleakin.

However it would seem that active consideration is being given to housing the 100+ workers at the quarry site, or possibly at the Ashaig air strip site.

There could be a number of benefits in the longer term if the workers camp was built on the site of the air strip, at a minimum these would have to include an improvement to the basic site infrastructure. There would surely have to be improvements in a number of areas, not least water, sewerage and power provisioning. With the remote possibility that there would be a building left that may be suitable for airport infrastructure such as a terminal building.

At the moment the main use for the Ashaig air strip would seem to be storing turbine parts for the burgeoning population of windfarms. So anyting which would improve the utilisation of the air strip would be good, even if it means that in the short term the facility was not available.

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