And then there was one!

Look how handy Skye is for every where else.

Look how handy Skye is for every where else.

Well over the past few days I’ve been enjoying the great weather, I’ve been out taking some photographs and just enjoying the area in general. I haven’t had cause to go past Ashaig so other than the new arrival and a visit from the Coast Guard Merlin not really that much to report. Unless of course you are interested in the disappearance of a campaign web site which seems to have vanished into the ether, although the facebook and twitter side of things still seems to be active.

Anyway as I said there doesn’t seem to be anything happening on the Ashaig front, I did note with some interest that there seems to now be an issue with the runway lighting at Ashaig as there were emergency lights deployed. Whether this was just a good opportunity to test them or not I don’t know. I does seem a bit strange to think that they would test them during a medical evacuation, so there is likely a problem with the lights. Which is just another step in the deterioration of the Airstrip, one more issue that won’t be resolved. Given the need for the Airstrip to be at least maintained at it’s current standard, I would hope that there will be consideration given to instigating a repair.

On a more positive note, over the past few days there has been some increased activity in Plockton. There is a new resident in the shape of a 1975 Rheims Cessna 172, I understand that the owner of the aircraft intends to operate pleasure flights on an adhoc basis.

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